Tuesday 24 November 2009

Thankful for cries in the night and interrupted sleep

I don't pray much. I haven't for years. I do believe in some sort of higher power, whatever that might be. I like the thought of being watched over (in a comforting way, not in a creepy-guy-in-the-bushes kind of way).

But, yesterday I prayed. I thanked God that I'm being woken up in the middle of the night by a cranky little boy. Thanked God for interrupted sleep. Thank you God for all the crap that Zach's been throwing at us lately. My heart is in my throat as I'm writing this because I can't even imagine how much this mother and father want to be woken up every hour by their baby. How gut-wrenching it is that their little boy's room is now silent. How they must wish for another tantrum. Another "NO!". Or another "MINE!". But they won't hear that anymore. They can't comfort their son in the middle of the night anymore. I don't know how you go on. I don't know how you walk out of the hospital without your child. I don't know how you walk into your home, knowing your child is never coming through that door with you again. I don't know how you "get past" something like this. I don't know how you stay strong for your other child, who is now your only child. I don't know how a marriage would survive. How?

To lose a child must be horrific. To lose a child this way is just unfathomable. I pray to God again that I never, ever come close to feeling what these parents are feeling.

Here is the link again: Mother lost grip in child's airport fall: police


Unknown said...

Oh God, I can't begin to imagine what these parents are going through.... such a horrific tragedy... I am still speechless by this news.

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