Wednesday 22 August 2007

Cute firemen and an early morning

Ok, early for us, anyway.

Here's the story. At about 7:00 or so we heard a loud "beep, beep, beep" and thought it was the smoke detector near the bedrooms. Jean-Paul went to take out the battery (short-term, of course) and realized the detector was hard-wired, not battery. The beeping had ceased for the time being so he came back to bed. Then "beep, beep, beep" again. We both got up to try to figure out what was going on with the alarm and how to stop it (still thinking it was the smoke detector). I called my dad, since they had hard-wired ones (I think at least at one point). As I was talking to him I stood under the other detector and it wasn't the basement one, it wasn't the bedroom one, it was coming from the living room. Ah, the carbon monoxide detector. So, I unplugged it and read the back. That sound was "warning" mode. Warning us about what? Not sure. It also said it should be vacuumed out once a month, too. Oops. So, I tried to blow any dust out then plugged it into a different outlet. It was quiet so we headed back to bed. Then "beep, beep, beep". So, I went online and googled the make of the detector and didn't come up with much. Next I went to the fire department website to look up their number to call. As I was doing that the alarm started sounded continuously. I hadn't found the number yet, but I wasn't going to stay down here and keep looking. Jean-Paul and I threw on pants and shirts (we were still in sleeping attire - which means underthingies). I grabbed Alex out of bed and plunked her on the porch with her blankie. Jean-Paul got Zach (who'd been sleeping sooooo well last night!!) and smartly put him in the car seat bucket outside, too. I got a couple blankets and called 911.

The operator said "we'll send out the trucks, well, truck" and said to call back if we started to feel nauseated or headachey. I figured we'd get a fire van, but a whole truck came (no lights going though) with four firemen (two of whom were quite cute). The one was in a t-shirt and firepants with suspenders. Nice;) Nice guy, too. He talked to Alex about her "balloon tree" out front and she told him it was for her birthday. He asked if she was nine. She told him she was three.

They checked all the gas appliances (fireplace, furnace and water heater) and got zero readings everywhere. Probably a faulty detector. Apparently they have a lifespan of about 5 years or so. So, they headed out. They put on their lights for Alexandria as they pulled away.

So, at least there was nothing wrong. At least it wasn't too cold this morning. At least it wasn't 3 or 4am. And at least the firemen were cute!


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