Monday 6 August 2007

More than a little jealous...

Jean-Paul was going to be DJing in Cornwall on Saturday night. Because it's so far to drive (especially back home after DJing) he was going to stay overnight in Cornwall. This was a good reason for me to pack up the kids and head to my parents' place for a few days. It's been great. I am definitely envious, though, of Jean-Paul. He got Friday night without the kids. Saturday night he was without the kids AND got to stay in a hotel room that someone else gets to clean. And Sunday and Monday night he's got kidless sleep, too! I want that! Not that I don't love my babies dearly, but I want just one night (and morning) of no kids. Oh, to be able to sleep all the way through the night. Oh, to be able to sleep as late as I please. I know one day I'll be looking back and yearning for these days again... one day.

We have had a great time here, though. Friday Alexandria got to see "Mater" in person! Someone outside of town has an old tow truck done up like the one from Cars - one of Alex's all-time favourite movies.
Saturday we didn't get up to much, but on Sunday we went to the Firemen's breakfast at the firehall. Anything with firetrucks is a sure-fire hit! It was a yummy brekkie, too. Then later on Sunday Great-Grandma and Doug came over for a visit and dinner. Alex put on quite a show for the after-dinner entertainment. Great-Grandma and Doug were definitely entertained.
Today we went to the beach - actually two beaches. We went to the Cove and dug up some sand and checked out the waves. Alex didn't think she needed to get too close. The odd wave would come up and touch her feet. She thought that was close enough! She was ok with being held by mommy and going in, though - as long as she wasn't touching the water. Then we went to the main beach for a walk on the boardwalk (which Alex LOVES), plus some time on the playground equipment and some lunch. I ordered a cheeseburger and a chickenburger. When the order came there was a chickenburger and a burger - no cheese. So I took it back and said "this should be a cheeseburger". The guy took it back and I was wondering what was taking so long, then he handed me back another chickenburger... Oh well, I ate that instead. I wasn't going to give that back, too!
This afternoon we went back out and went for a walk across the walking bridge over the river. Then we went and took a stroll along the harbour and checked out the tugboats, sailboats and other floating things. And saw some fish, too.
It's been a good visit. Tomorrow we may check out the Early Years program before heading home. We'll see how early we get up!


mom2peaches said...

i hear ya... I would love some more sleep too... but we will miss these days once they are over!

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