Thursday 11 October 2007

I swear, if I hear "why" one more time........!!

Yes. Alexandria is officially, undeniably, absolutely, without a doubt into her "why?" stage.
Here is an example coming out of the Early Years Centre:
Mommy: It's dark outside now.
Alexandria: Why?
M: Because the sun went down.
A: Why?
M: Because the sun goes down every night.
A: Why?
M: So we know it's time to go to bed.
A: Why?
M: So we can sleep and get up for more fun the next day.
A: Why?
M: There's no more why. It just is.
A: Why?

And so it goes....

Or another favourite right now is "and what comes after _____time?"
Mommy: It's lunchtime.
Alex: What comes after lunchtime?
M: Playtime.
A: What comes after playtime?
M: Naptime.
A: What comes after naptime?
M: Snacktime.
A: What comes after snacktime?
M: More playtime.
A: What comes after playtime?
M: Dinnertime.
A: What comes after dinnertime?
M: Bathtime.
A: What comes after bathtime?
M: TV time.
A: What comes after TV time?
M: Bedtime.
A: What comes after bedtime?
M: Morningtime.

And we could go on and on and on and on......

Depending on my mood this stage can be fun or extremely frustrating!! (Or it can easily go from being fun to frustrating real quick!)


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