Thursday 4 September 2008

A couple shots to whet your appetite

Carla-Ann took some more great photos of our family. This is just a small sampling.


CivilWar Fangirl said...

Very, very nice! Carla-Ann is a very talented photographer. Does she do engagement photos?? ;) Jeremy and I realized we've never had any professionally done photos of us taken AND since we just got engaged...well, it seems like a great time to get that done!

JackiYo said...

I'm sure she would. She's not professional. It's her hobby/passion. She just enrolled in Humber College con't ed for photography, too. She used to work at the Signal (which is where we met). She's got some pretty cool shots on facebook that she's taken, too. I wouldn't mind getting some more family shots in Goderich (beach, boardwalk, bridges kinda thing). Her family is in Grand Bend (she lives in Borden, though), so maybe we could get two birds with one stone.
She took around 500-600 shots!

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