Friday 27 February 2009

Everybody sing now....

World's collide again! I was riding with one of the new guys at work today and got to chatting. Where are you from? Have you always lived here? and that sort of thing. I gave him the quick version of Goderich, Kitchener, Goderich, Kitchener, Toronto, Kitchener.

He said, "Toronto, eh? I used to live around Jane and St. Clair."

To which I replied, "We used to live on Foxwell."

He: "Foxwell? No way! I had relatives on Foxwell from waaaay back."

Me: "We used to live in my husband's grandparents' house."

He: "What were their names?"

Me: "Helen Bevelled (*name changed)"

He: "Hm. I used to get a card every year with two dollars in it from Auntie Helen - who wasn't actually related to me, but was close with the family and just a really nice lady."

So we delved into this a bit further. His mom ended up calling his cell phone out of the blue, which she never does. He asked her more about it. Yup. Same lady. She also knows Jean-Paul's mom and knows where they live and such. I called Jean-Paul's mom and said, "Do you know Betty Ribbit (*name changed)." She recalled the name and gave me some more family history. Turns out the families lived right next to each other at one point!!"

Way too weird! Some guy I barely know used to get $2 in a card a couple times a year from the woman whose engagement ring I now wear.

Everyone. One more time, "It's a small world after all. It's a small world after all......."


Lisa aka @those2girls said...

It's so true. I was on a the Disney bus from my hotel to the park & we were talking to some people from Texas, telling them we are from outside of Toronto. Someone else leaned over & said where exactly 'cause we're from London Ontario. On the way back someone knew exactly where Kitchener is 'cause they live in Bridgeport (Waterloo)
Too funny

CivilWar Fangirl said...

My "it's a small world" moments:

- Running into my grade 2 teacher and her family at the Shoney's in Orlando, Florida.
- Running into some members of the Seaforth Girl's Marching Band in the line for Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom.
- Finding out one of my friend's in Peterborough is friend's with someone who worked for my grandfather years ago.

JackiYo said...

I was in the Seaforth Band, too :)

It's crazy how many people we really do know in the world. And these are only the ones we find out about!

CivilWar Fangirl said...

I wanted to be in the Seaforth Girl's Band! Never did join though. A lot of my friends joined the band one year, just so they could go to Florida (I think the band went a few times). ;)

I meant to say in my last comment that one of my co-workers remembers reading about your wedding in the paper and when it happened at the theatre!

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