Thursday 20 January 2011

Born to skate!

We got a notice home from school in December that Alexandria's class would be skating a couple times in January. I am very thankful we got so much notice. That gave us time to get skates and get her out on the ice. We were planning to go skating as a family over the holidays, but the holidays just came and went in a blink.

Zach was given skates from someone whose son had outgrown them. They brought them into the Parent-Child Resource Centre that Zach and I go to. There was also a brand new pair brought in - in my size! - so I snapped those up, too. Of course, Alex didn't have skates yet - and she was the one that needed them!

I put the word out on Facebook and Twitter and got a few responses back. I ended up picking up a pair from a woman here in Kitchener whose daughter had outgrown hers. They fit Alex perfectly.

So, with skates in hand and the date of her class trip looming, we had to get out there this week. (She went today with her class.) Mommy and Alex went skating at Kitchener's city hall on Monday night. It was a beautiful night. Crisp and cold, but no wind. I got Alex's skates on and then she patiently waited until I got mine on and we headed for the ice. I hadn't been on the ice for about 20 years myself! Luckily all I really had to do was stand there as she skated around me. :)

Alex did REALLY well for her first time out. She wanted to spin. :) She took it all in stride. All the falls and slips. She was in her glory and loved every minute of it.

Zach did REALLY well for his first time, too. I took him to the family and senior free skate at Lions Arena, so it was perfect. Not too many people and no rowdy older kids, since it was during school hours. He got really frustrated when he fell, though. He wanted to be perfect. I said he did really well and he'd respond with, "No I didn't!" with his whiny, crying voice. He didn't want to leave the ice, though and had fun. I should have sharpened his skates BEFORE he skated, which I think was part of the problem he had. They're sharpened now, so next time should be easier for him. (And, of course, he loved the zamboni that cleaned the ice after.) :)

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