Tuesday 14 December 2010

Baby's first bladder infection

The baby in this case is Zachary. Alexandria has never had to deal with a UTI, thankfully.

I'm gonna back up the truck here a little bit..

On Thursday morning (5 days ago) I was literally about the write a post on how well potty training was going and we were pretty much done. Even at night. The operative word in that sentence is "was"...

Then Zach had an accident. Very strange since his last daytime accident was September - and I'd chalked those up to a stressful time for him. Alex had returned to school and he'd lost his playmate. Mommy was working more. Daddy was working more. Things righted themselves and he's been great.... up until last Thursday.

Later that day he had ANOTHER accident. Then the next day he had two more at home and a third at the Little Tot Spot. That was his first accident outside the house since September, too.

I wasn't sure what to think. Part of me thought he was just being a little ass. Part of me wondered if there was something more. There had been no accidents on Saturday or Sunday, but Sunday night he had a wet 'nighttime diaper'. Again, he'd been doing well at night, too. (Not well enough that we felt comfortable in underwear yet, but still fairly well.)

He peed on Monday morning and then around 1pm I told him I wanted him to try to pee. He fought me. And fought me. And cried and left the bathroom. And he kept crying. Then he went to his bed and cried until he fell asleep at 1:15. He slept for an hour. Then he woke up at 2:15, still crying. I asked him, "Do you even know what you're crying about anymore?" "Yes," he replied sadly. "I don't want to pee." That's when I asked him (a leading question, I know...) "Does it hurt to pee?" "Yes," he said.

He was also being extremely grumpy. The Fed-Ex guy was here Monday afternoon and asked how things were going. I looked at Zach as he was walking around whining and crying and said, "That's how it's going..."

So my inner voice was telling me to listen to him. My not-so inner voice was telling me he was just being a three year-old pain in the ass. I decided to listen to my quieter inner, inner voice and I took him to the clinic on Monday afternoon. It as quite exciting to pee into a cup!

The verdict? Bladder infection. We went and got some antibiotics (that he is happily taking) and hopefully this will right itself soon.

Right now he is playing happy, but he can turn into a grumpy bear pretty frickin' quickly. He's been hitting more, listening less and just generally making life a little more interesting around here....

Oh, and Alex is home from school today. I'm not sure if she's actually sick or just wanting some attention (and hoping to get medicine). She said last night after bed that her tummy hurt and she felt as if she was going to throw up. She slept in our bed (with towels under her and her hair back in a braid, just in case). Zach crawled in around 3am as well. Jean-Paul slept downstairs. It was a pretty full bed.

This morning she said her tummy wasn't feeling great still. So, instead of chancing it, we kept her home. Here's hoping she is faking. This is the week of Christmas concerts, family Christmas and Great Grandma's 90th birthday...

And the Fed-Ex guy? He was back again today. Same guy. He asked if things were better. I told him I'd had Zach to the clinic and he had a bladder infection... Bad mommy..
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