Saturday 11 December 2010

Alex and Zach and "the real Santa"

This is the real guy. Santa himself. Alexandria said so.

We went to Conestoga Mall today and weaved our way through the Magical Fairy Garden, which is awesome, to get to the big man. Zach wouldn't go to him without me and finally conceded and sat NEXT to Santa. Wouldn't sit on his lap - or talk to him. :)

On our way home, we passed a pub and there was Santa standing outside, texting away. I said, "Hey it's Santa again! And he's on his iPhone." Alex said, "Mommy... That's just a guy in a Santa suit. The real one is still back at the mall."

We were in Zellers tonight, too, and Alex said she didn't want the Littlest Pet Shop clubhouse, she wanted the animal hospital instead. I asked her, "What if Santa already has the clubhouse put aside for you?" So right there, in the aisle of the toy section of Zellers, she tilted her head up slightly and spoke out loud, "Santa? Santa, please change it to the animal hospital instead. Thank you."

I LOVE this magical age. Absolutely love it!
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