Sunday 5 December 2010

Christmas celebration with college friends and kids

Our circle of friends from college has exploded! We went from Shannon, John, Ryan, Nico, Chad, Jodi, Sabina and I to include spouses Jean-Paul, Lori, Dayna and Matt - so that makes 12 adults now. And this year there were fourteen kids there. FOURTEEN!! We are officially outnumbered. Thank god they didn't figure that out or we would've been screwed. ;)

Here are some great shots of the very fun day. So great to have everybody all together.

 Can you believe all 26 are looking?! I can't!
 This is more like it :)

 The Baldwin girls brought some Christmas Silly Bands for everyone.
 Alex took this cool shot.
 This is a really bad pic of me, but Shannon and Bean look good.
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