Sunday 10 April 2011

Alexandria's sixth birthday party

Yes. Alex's birthday was way back in August, but the kids both had unidentified spots on them the weekend of her party, so....

We had the photo booth from Daddy's work for the party and wanted to have it when we had the do-over. September came around and it was wedding show season, so the photo booth was out for both September and October. Then it was November and it was booked for weddings. Then it was December and ya can't have a party in December. Then it was January and school was just starting back up, so we wanted to give some time for that to settle. Then it was February and wedding shows were going on again. Then we went to Florida in March and it was March Break, so by the time we got invitations out and gave the guests time to be able to come to the party, it was April. We decided the 10th would be Alex's party and the 17th would be Zach's - since his birthday actually IS in April!!

Alex had all the girls from her class over for a dance party. They played dress up, took LOTS of photo booth pictures, built make-your-own cupcakes and had face-painter and a balloon artist over (Mommy won a free hour of face-painting). :)

Fun was had by all. It is a very interesting social experiment, though, to have that many girls together at the same time, each displaying her own way she gets attention. ;)

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