Thursday 21 April 2011

Zachary's fourth (yes FOURTH!!) birthday and birthday party

Zachary turned four today. We celebrated his birthday with family and friends on Sunday (the 17th). On his actual birthday, today, Mommy took him to playgroup - where he got his 4th birthday sticker he proudly wore all day. Then he was asked what he wanted to do. He wanted a Lunchable for lunch. I asked what he wanted to to. His first choice was FunWorx. I told him it was closed today. Then he said the London Children's Museum. I told him we needed to stay in the city. I said we could go to the Kitchener Children's Museum, but he thought he'd rather go to the mall for rides. That was easy, since there's a grocery store in the mall (for the Lunchable) and some little rides. Off we went. And after the mall, we picked up Alex from school and headed to the library at the birthday boy's request.

 Do you like the "audience"? :)

 And look at all the SNOW on April 21!!
 This is what it looked like as Grandpa, Grandma and Jeremy got closer to Kitchener!

 He had to "fix" the helicopter first

 Still fixing.
 All cleared for take off!

 Blowing kisses to his adoring fans.

 Daddy trying to put together a five-year-old's toy...
 Mommy didn't do much better...
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