Sunday 28 February 2010

Before the impending electrical storm wipes out the internet, I need you to know something...

You are amazing. Do you know that?

How do I know you're amazing? Because I'm amazing, too. Oh, and by the way, you suck. How do I know you suck? Because I suck, too.

There's absolutely nothing that happens to you that isn't, hasn't or won't happen to someone else. There's absolutely no feeling you have that someone else isn't, hasn't or won't feel. In fact, there are hundreds, thousands, even millions of people that feel they are alone or strange or wrong..... or complete freaks for how they are feeling.

Do you know what I did the other day? I was so frustrated with my daughter, I slammed my bedroom door so hard snow fell off the roof. Then I crawled into bed and bawled. My daughter's 5. I'm 36 and I threw the tantrum. I felt so ashamed, like the worst mother on the planet.

But ... I reach out. I share. I tweet. I blog. I read. I connect. I feel "normal". I feel I can go on without completely wrecking my children.

There's something incredible in this social media world. You know what the most important part is, though? The 'social' part. The 'media' part is just that. It's the medium that enables us to connect. What will we do when our medium is obliterated?

I implore you to keep connecting. Walk into that conversation. Become part of it, just like you do today online. Talk to the person next to you while you sit watching your kids skate or swim. Without the internet we may have to resort to telephone trees again, but we need to keep connecting. (It's either that or back to valium.)

The important thing to remember is...
that stranger sucks and that same stranger rocks. And so do you.

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