Thursday 25 February 2010

My kids are awesome

They are both such sensitive souls. Very caring. At playgroup, the facilitators are always telling me how Alexandria looks out for the younger ones. Yesterday, for example, one babe was having some separation issues. Baby was sitting on the caregiver's lap. Alex came over and starting stroking her and talking to her. She started engaging her in some play. The caregiver took that opportunity to put Baby down. Baby felt confident enough to start crawling around. Alex stayed with the baby to make sure she was doing ok, even after the facilitator told her she didn't have to.

Tonight we were listening to the CD "Free to Be.. You and Me". I've just been exposed to this CD from the 70s and I love it. I got the CD and book from the library and am on the lookout for the DVD to borrow - or get at a good price. YouTube had all the clips, but they've been taken down.... :(

We listened to the whole thing - and read along in the book when the songs/stories were in there. At the end Zach asked to listen to "It's Alright to Cry" again. (The book shows a bunch of pictures of people with crying, tears on their cheeks.) The kids and I listened to that song one more time. Sitting there with one beautiful soul snuggled on each side of me was such an amazing moment. Can someone PLEASE figure out how to bottle that?!

After the song was done we started to get ready for bed. Alex went to the bathroom and I took Zach in to change his diaper and get some PJs on. I was humming "William's Doll". Zach asked me to hum "It's Alright to Cry". As he was asking his chin started to quiver. I asked if he liked that song. More quivering. "Yes," he said. Then came the tears. Such a sweetie. I just held him as he cried softly. "It's ok. Shhh. It's ok, Sweetie. Shhhh." He was so tired by this point. I put him in his crib, turned on his fishies, made sure he had Fifo to snuggle, pulled up his machine blanket, did 'The Night Garden' on his palm, gently ran my fingers through his hair and softly said, "Goodnight. I'm going to tuck Alex in and I'll be right back."

He was off in dreamland by the time I peeked back in. :)

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