Monday 12 November 2007

3 days, 4 holes and 1 smart-ass response

We've now gone 3 days in underwear with NO accidents! Yay! (Still no #2 in the pot, yet, but it's a good start!) It's been over a full week in undies and Alex is doing pretty well. She's still not at the point where she tells us she has to go, we just keep putting her on, but she'll get there. (Somehow I don't think I'll be interrupting her Algebra class in high school asking her if she has to go potty).

Zachary was discovering (and in some cases rediscovering) the orifices in his face today. First it was nose, mouth, nose, mouth, nose, mouth a few times. Then he stuck his finger in his ear, tried to stick his finger in his eye and then decided his nose was the best one for now.

As for the smart-ass response? That didn't come from Jean-Paul. Alexandria is getting pretty good! She wanted to watch a Blue's Room DVD and I said "A little later." She paused and then replied, "A lot now." Gotta love her!


CivilWar Fangirl said...

Your mom told me about the smart-ass response when we were over there Monday night. Made me laugh so much! Alexandria says the funniest things...

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