Wednesday 7 November 2007

Back to the undies...

Alexandria decided to go back to underwear on Monday. I think she thought that once she peed, etc in her undies that they got tossed out - just like diapers do. So it was upsetting to her to think her My Little Pony underwear was gone. I had an idea that was the reason, so I had her help me with the laundry on the weekend. I made sure she got to take her underwear from the washer and put it in the dryer. When she saw the undies she said, "My underwear!". I explained that we wash those just like any other clothes. That night she thought she'd wear the undies to bed. She was told once she starts waking up with a dry diaper, she can wear them to bed, too.

So, anyway, Monday. She went to Fran's (daycare). No accidents! Tuesday. Went to Fran's. One accident (at naptime on Fran's duvet - sorry, Fran!). We'll see how today goes. The next big step will be getting her to go #2, too. She's been bribed with going to the store to buy more My Little Pony undies if she does.

That's the play-by-play on our toilet training adventure - or sorry, toilet "learning" as we're now supposed to refer to it!


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