Friday 2 November 2007

A Zach update - This little piggy!!

The food is going better. He's getting the concept now. He still likes to hold something in his hand while he's eating, but it doesn't have to be in his mouth the whole time. (That was making feeding him a bit tricky!). He's actually opening his mouth when the spoon comes. He's leaning into the food to say "more". He's eating a lot at one time. He'll polish off a whole jar no problem!! Now if we can just get him to sleep through the night!!!!!He's definitely got some mobility now, too. (I'll post the video later). He can get up on all fours - with his head UP now, not buried into the floor! But when he tries to move from that position he goes backward. He's doing the "wounded soldier" and dragging himself forward. He'll actually push something away to chase it. It's cute. He's pretty proud of himself.

I think he knows the difference between the animals on his border, too. Ask him where the zebra is and he'll look right at it and touch it. Then smile his "I'm so smart"-proud-of-himself smile. Too, too cute!


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