Thursday 1 November 2007

It didn't go quite as well as we'd hoped...

... but it's a start. Today was Alexandria's first day in "big girl underwear". My Little Pony underwear to be precise. The morning went fine. Lunchtime went fine. We were at the mall with the Paterson's for lunch and we spent some extra time in the mall afterwards. While in WalMart, I notices Alex was starting to walk funny. She had peed. So, off to the washroom to change. We changed her undies, pants and even socks..... Later in the afternoon she was busy playing when an aroma started wafting.... THAT was not a fun change!! (We're down one pair of underwear... It wasn't worth saving....) The after nap pee made it into the potty, but the after supper one didn't.

So, we're 2 for 5 today.... We hope tomorrow will be better!!


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