Wednesday 30 January 2008

Down with Mother Nature!! Boo!!!

I was SOOOOO looking forward to fleeing the country, I mean, shopping in the States with Jeremy and Mary today. I really need a "mental break" day and this was supposed to be it. Well, Mother Nature had other plans. There's a flash freeze warning, a wind warning and a blowing snow warning. All just for today. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Nope. Both of those days would have been fine to take this trip. It's just today that's complete shite. So, my "mental break" day is going to turn into a "mental breakdown" day. At least Jean-Paul is home for most of the day. He had booked it off work so I could go. All he has to do is Mad Science for a couple hours then he'll be home again.

You see, EVERYTHING was set for today. Jean-Paul booked off work, his dad was coming to watch the kids while Jean-Paul did Mad Science, the car was all gassed up, I had the proper documents ready to go. Even Zachary got up at 6:55 this morning, which would have been perfect if I was going away. Not so perfect when we wanted to sleep in a bit. Yesterday we had to wake him up at 7:30 to start getting ready for the day. Watch him sleep tomorrow morning, too. But not today. How do they sense these things?!

I was even looking forward to just getting in the car and driving to meet Jeremy and Mary - on my own, no kids in the car. Even that was going to be part of my wonderful day away.

Enough with my lament. Such is life in wintery Canada. We all know that. Mother Nature just likes to remind us of that every once in a while....


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