Monday 28 January 2008

A Hard Lesson!

Well. It happened. Zach had "baby's first fall", which has lead to "baby's first boo-boo".I was making dinner (I know, shocking!) and Zach was playing with pots and wooden spoons on the floor beside me. All was well and good until Daddy got home (not that I'm blaming him). I was just finishing up with the pasta side dish as Jean-Paul went downstairs to see Alex. Zach had been right beside playing. Then I heard "thump!" and "waaaaaaaa!!". I knew EXACTLY what had happened and my heart went in my throat. I ran to the stairs and Zach was lying at the bottom. Jean-Paul got to him just before I did. He had tried to follow Daddy..... He seems to be fine. Just a red mark beside his eye. No other marks have shown as of yet. He doesn't seem to be sore. Nothing's broken. We're very lucky! He, of course, chose the biggest set of stairs we have. Luckily this is a back split and it's not a full flight. Man, do I feel like the worst parent in the world tonight, though!

So, hard lesson learned. A gate doesn't do a hell of a lot of good when it's sitting NEXT to the stairs. We're going to have to make sure the gate is closed whenever Zach is not contained somewhere. Even if we are "keeping a close eye on him", because distractions happen. I just thank god this wasn't way more serious!

The pictures were taken while Zach was having his first taste of ice cream. (I think Mommy and Daddy were feeling a bit guilty about the fall.) Black Cherry licked from Daddy's finger. Mmmmm. He even said "Yum!" quite clearly!


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