Thursday 24 April 2008

Maple Syrup Festival

(Yes, it was 3 weeks ago. I'm a bit behind!)

Grandma watched Zachary so that Mommy, Grandpa and Alexandria could go to the Maple Syrup Festival. We had a great day!

Not sure if you can really tell by this picture, but the trailer was held on with DUCT TAPE! Not a safety chain. Nope. Duct tape.
Enjoying the tractor.
Hee hee. Chickens.
This was her favourite part, by far! She got to milk a fake cow! Who wouldn't love it!?
Milking the "cow"

Did I mention she loved the cow?!Riding "Horse Grandpa"
I think that might have been the line up for the washroom. Not sure. There were a lot of lines!Helloooo baby goat!What better way to top off the day than ice cream! Thanks for the treats, Grandpa!Playing on the firetruck while Grandpa waits in the line for the hayride back to the car.


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