Monday 7 April 2008

Don't think we'll try watermelon again for a while...

Why? Well, I'll tell you.
We went to Barrie yesterday for Diego's 3 rd birthday. The kids had a blast. There was fun, merriment and yummy food. Amongst that yummy food was a fruit mixture (pineapple, grapes, melon, watermelon). We gave some to Zach. He REALLY liked the watermelon, so he ate quite a bit of it. As Jean-Paul was feeding him some baby food and more pieces of fruit, Zach's little body decided it didn't want that food in there anymore. So, while sitting on my lap.... it all.... came.... out! So, we changed Zach into the only change of clothes we had for him - sleepers. (Note how I said it was the only change of clothes?)

He seemed fine. He was a happy little guy and he was hungry again. Jean-Paul started giving him watermelon again. I said, "Maybe that's not such a great idea." He gave Zach the piece he was holding and then cut him off the watermelon. We opened up the baby food fruit. Zach downed one container in a hurry and we were about 1/3 the way through another one when Jean-Paul (who was holding him this time) felt that surge coming again. Sure enough the floodgates opened again... There was MORE this time.. All over the table, the floor, Zach and Jean-Paul's leg and sock. I have never seen SO MUCH come out of something so small!!

Remember how I said Zach was already in his change of clothes? His sleepers were a complete write-off, so I put him back into his long-sleeve onesie, socks and shoes. Ang (Diego's mom) was very kind and ran back to her house to grab a change of clothes for Zachary. (She also has a little girl who will be one next month). So, Zach got to wear a cute little jogging suit for the rest of the party (as well as home). We'll see Diego and his family next week at movie night, so we can give the clothes back then. Good thing they lived close by to the party (which was at an indoor playground).


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