Saturday 26 April 2008

Our Little Radio Star

Alexandria was on KoolFM yesterday for donating to their Poster Boy campaign (a fundraiser for the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre). She brought a toonie to donate. When we walked into the trailer they have set up in front of the hospital, Alexandria's eyes went wide and she said "wow.....". She thought it was pretty cool. If you ask her, "It had couches and a bathroom and a kitchen and a bedroom. And it was on wheels! It was a house you could drive!!"

Anyway, they thought she was too cute for words and put her on the air. Here is the clip. Alexandria on KoolFM. Alex's part is about 55 seconds in (or about half-way through).



CivilWar Fangirl said...

Jeremy and I were listening to 105.3 yesterday on our way home from Toronto and they happened to re-play Alexandria on the radio! She sounds so cute! :)

JackiYo said...

I guess she was a hit. No calls from agents yet.... ;)

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