Monday 31 March 2008

Another baby?!

No. I'm not expecting. Just thought I'd mess with you a little ;)

Alexandria, though, thinks we need another baby. A girl, to be specific. She actually asked if there was "another baby in there" - a really big sign that I need to get in shape!

She's got it all worked out. Jean-Paul asked where the baby would sleep. (In the crib with Zachary). What about when Zachary got bigger? (Move to Mommy and Daddy's room). Where would Mommy and Daddy go? (Somewhere else - not in the house). If Mommy and Daddy weren't here, what would Alex do when the baby cried at night? (Buy more soothers and have lots around). How would everyone eat? (Mommy and Daddy could come back during the day. It's only at night there's a problem.)


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