Tuesday 4 March 2008

Tonight's the night


Jean-Paul and I have planned that tonight will be the night that we are going to get Zachary sleeping in his crib again - through the night. Or as Jean-Paul says "break him like a wild stallion". We're going to take the "Baby Whisperer's" method and get him to learn to sleep in his own bed and put himself back to sleep when he stirs. The Baby Whisperer's method falls in between the Dr. Sears view of co-sleeping, baby-wearing, don't-let-them-cry-at-all and the Ferber method (or Ferberizing) which is the complete opposite - letting the "cry it out".

Alexandria is with Nana and Grandpa for a couple (three?) nights while we do this. Jean-Paul is going to take the first night (since it's recommended one parent take it all the way through).

Now, the glitch? You know there always is one with Zach. He had a rough night last night. Restless. Fever. Probably teething. So today he is cranky and overtired. So, tonight's not the best night to start this thing..... Alex is already gone to Nana and Grandpa's....

I think we'll let Zach sleep with us one more night tonight and then go at it tomorrow. Unless he actually is getting sick. If that's the case, this whole plan is completely derailed.

I'll keep you updated (I know it's riveting) IF I can find the time/energy to blog with all this going on!


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Best of luck!

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