Monday 10 March 2008

Day One of "March Break"

Which, really, is like any other time around here, since the kids aren't in school yet. We took in the play "The Frog Prince". Jean-Paul knew 3 out of the 4 cast members. Two were in Once Upon a Mattress with him (Randy and Dan - the jester and the wizard) and one he knows from Sheridan (Chantelle - who is also on 4 Square on Treehouse - so Alex recognized her, too). Randy was also one of the three who performed our wedding pre-show entertainment.

Alexandria and Zachary both enjoyed themselves, ergo, we did, too. Zachary is truly Jean-Paul's son since he "sat" through over an hour of theatre without fussing. There are many adults who can't/won't do that! Alexandria's favourite part was "Polly" the parrot (yes, a real one - Randy's pet, Virgil).

Notice the shirts in the next picture. Specially picked out for the play. The Princess and The Frog. :)


CivilWar Fangirl said...

So, how was Bon Jovi?? Hope you had a good time :)

JackiYo said...

Good times. Good times. (And KIDLESS!)

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