Wednesday 5 March 2008

Non-crib update

We saw the paediatrician on Monday (named after a big orange cat). Zachary weighed in at 7.6 kg or 16lb 12oz. He's also about 28" long. That makes him under the average for height and WAY under for weight. He is still gaining, though. The doc doesn't think anything is wrong with him. Zachary was "small for gestational age", so he'll probably always just be small. We're going back when Zach is around a year for another check.

He's mimicking words more and more. He said "corn", "duck", "up" and others I can't think of off the top of my head.

Alexandria is still awesome, as always. She amazes me all the time. We were in the bathroom at the mall on Monday and the "feminine" garbage can was knocked over. She asked, "Who did that?". I said, "I don't know, sweetie." And she replied, "People we've never seen?". I just love what she comes up with. The poor girl, though, is getting the brunt of Mommy's sleep deprivation. Of course, she's three. Testing boundaries, questioning, forgetting not to touch her brother when he's sleeping nicely in his car seat.... The other day the three of us (Zach, Alex and I) were sitting on the chair and I can't even remember what she did. I snapped at her with my finger pointed. She started to cry, Zach started to cry, I started to cry! What a sight we must have been. If Jean-Paul had walked into that, he might have just turned right back around again!


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