Monday 26 January 2009

Ooooo. Sorry!

I had my follow-up visit today with the dental surgeon. It's been almost a week since the surgery (last Tuesday) and it was time to check on things. I was sitting in the office waiting for Dr Casciato to see me. He walks in the room, takes one look at me, winces and says, "Oooo. Sorry." Nice. Apparently I'm looking just as awesome as I think I am! My cheeks are a beautiful chartreuse (halfway between green and yellow - for those of you who don't watch Blue's Clues). He went on to explain some of the details of the surgery. About why I have some nerve damage that "should" go away in a few days, weeks, months.... About why he chose to leave a millimetre and a half chunk of tooth in me instead of cutting said nerve. About how the bone "usually" will just grow around said chunk of tooth and not cause any problems. About how the "not 18 anymore" body doesn't heal quite as quickly....
I get to take a few more days off work. Not sure exactly how that's going to work out yet as far as pay or what my days will be labeled as.... I have a note stating I should be able to return to work on Thursday. I got a refill on my Tylenol 3 - YAY! I took a couple of those this morning and crashed for a couple hours. I could probably stand to take a couple more right now, but I want to wait until Jean-Paul is home - and until 24 is over. I must be lucid for Jack Bauer and Colm Feore. (Yes, I realize one is fictional and one is real, but I like Jack Bauer better than Keifer Sutherland and I like Colm Feore better than Henry Taylor).
Anyway, back to mindless facebooking and surfing and tv watching. I know. I should be reading..... Or painting..... Or doing anything else....
Actually, what I SHOULD do is get on the Wii and find out if I've lost any weight. I better have! I've been living on very little since I can't chew yet! I am sooo looking forward to something other than scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, yogurt or pudding!!


mom2peaches said...

dont you just want to smakc them when they give you the you're not 18 anymore line? uggghhhh I hate that, so much for immortality

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