Thursday 8 January 2009

The Pukersons - Episode I: The Phantom Menace aka Zachary was almost "that kid"

Zachary and Alexandria had their first swimming lessons on Monday night. Registration for some other programs was at the same time, so I had to be somewhere else for the first bit. We asked "Buddy" Joe if he could help out, and he agreed. So Monday night, Jean-Paul packed up the kids, picked up Joe a couple blocks away and went to the pool. Zachary was first, so Alex and Joe watched and waited until Daddy and Zachary were done. Zach had a blast in the pool. Then it was Alex's turn. While Alex was in the pool (BY HERSELF for the first time - yes, another shred of proof she's growing up....), Daddy, Joe and Zach were watching from the "gallery" - which is just on the other side of a door into the pool. That was when Zachary's body decided it would be a good time to projectile vomit - all over himself, Daddy, the backpack and the floor. Luckily, not on Joe! Yay! It was a huge mess. Mommy shows up just after all this has transpired. Daddy and Zach got somewhat cleaned up and all the boys headed home while Alex and Mommy finished up.

On the bright side, Zoodle did not puke IN the pool. He would have been "that kid" who "fouled" the pool. They would have had to shut it down - on the first night of swimming lessons, when everyone had packed up their kids in the cold and brought them to the pool all excited to start their lessons for the new year. "Hey, there's that kid. He's the one that threw up in the pool." We would have been "that family". "Hey, that's the family that got the pool shut down last week 'cuz the little one threw up."

After returning home, Zoo threw up again while sitting on his Cars chair (which we have since discovered has a broken zipper and the cover is impossible to remove). He gets changed again and is really tired by this point, so goes to bed. A half hour later... "cough, cough, blah" again. Then again 15 minutes later, then 15 minutes later, then 15 minutes later, then... you get the point. Around 11:30 the increments started getting longer again and by about 1:30am or so Zoodle fell asleep for the night - until 7:20. Actually pretty good for him. Then came to our bed and slept a bit more. He was very tired the whole day. Luckily Mommy could take Alex to the bus and Daddy and Zoo lounged and slept the day away. He didn't eat much, but didn't get sick again either, so we thought he was getting better....


The Valley Dwellers said...

The zipper is probably not broken. A bunch of the foamy chairs are like that - no toggle thingie to yank. I think it is so that the kids don't take it apart (good idea). TO get it off, you can't (easily) use your fingers. You need to use a piece of wire through the holes & pretend it is a toggle. Real easy then. It took me a while to figure this out.


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