Thursday 8 January 2009

The Pukersons - Episode IV: A New Hope

So, tonight was going ok. Jean-Paul was down on the futon snuggled like a bug. Zach was (mostly) sleeping through. Alex was in bed after getting a bit of food into her. We were all tucked into bed by 9pm.

Then, around 12:15, "cough, cough" from Monkey's room. I got up, got the garbage from the bathroom, sped into her room, just in time to miss her throwing up again.... everywhere. Bath time again! Poor baby! :(

Jean-Paul heard the commotion and came up to help change the sheets and such. He was a bit dizzy still and he said his pulse was racing like he'd just finished a marathon. Ooo, and I guess he was hallucinating a bit in the basement. Fun times. Fun times. (Note the time on these entries. I'm still awake since the latest Alex incident. I'm starting to feel tired again.)

And there may be more to this story..... I'm starting to feel "off".... Here's to "a new hope" that I won't get sick too.... There. Happy with the Star Wars tie in now?


CivilWar Fangirl said...

I really hope all of you get better soon! :(

Failsafe said...

In honour of Star Wars, your Episode IV entry should have been appropriately called, "A New Hope".

JackiYo said...

Was thinking that when I wrote it. Will edit to gain your approval.

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