Thursday 8 January 2009

The Pukersons - Episode III: Revenge of the Sick aka Daddy joins the club

This afternoon I worked in Hamilton and I get a call near the end of the day. "When are you coming home? I just got sick, too....." I wasn't able to leave until about 5pm. Then with the weather combined with a stop to the grocery store to get some ginger ale and Lysol disinfecting wipes, I didn't get home until just after 7pm. At least Alex and Zoo hadn't gotten sick again since I left. (Oh, did I mention I got puked on by Miss Monkey? At least it was just before I had my shower to get ready to leave.....)

I tried to put Zoo to bed, but he wouldn't have it. So, Daddy had to stay with him for a bit while he fell asleep. Then, Jean-Paul headed to bed BEFORE 8pm! Anyone who knows Jean-Paul knows that's about 5-6 hours ahead of his normal bedtime.


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