Monday 9 March 2009

Like sister, like brother

Why do the children wait until they are in the presence of the grandparents to unveil their new "strong" words? Alexandria did it when she about 2 or 3. After she spent a couple days with Nana and Grandpa, we were getting the rundown of how things went. Grandpa explained Alex had said a new word - "f**k". Nice. She never said it in front of us and I don't think she ever used it again. We didn't give it any attention.

This weekend Zachary thought he would add some emphasis to his "Ow!" with an "Ow. F**k!" Not once, not twice, but three times. He was putting his hands under his seat belt and saying it. I just said, "Pardon?" and looked at what he was doing. I just simply said, "Please don't put your hands under there." And that was it. We haven't heard the word since. I hope that was it!

And why is THAT word so easy for little kids to say?! It has very basic sounds, so it comes out nice and clearly.... I also realized I should stop saying "phoonk" when I plunk him down. "Phoonk" does not come out that way when a toddler says it!


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