Tuesday 24 March 2009

What an amazing gift

It really is quite phenomenal, this gift we've been given. I get to see the world through the eyes of a child. It's quite spectacular if you let it in. Whenever you're blessed with the presence of a child, really listen to what they're saying. Really see what they're looking at. Let them guide you, lead you. The things they get joy from are so simple to us. We miss so much. Thank you for blessing me with two beautiful sets of eyes to see the world through again.

I started thinking of the subject of this post on my drive to Niagara Falls today. As I was going up the Garden City Skyway I was thinking back to the last time I crossed over it. Jean-Paul, Zachary, Alexandria and I were going to Niagara Falls for a couple days. I pointed out the "very big bridge" as we approached and Alex replied with, "Wow!" As we drove over she exclaimed, "We're driving right up to the SKY! Mommy! Look! We're going up to the sky!!" And yes, all you could see if you looked forward was sky. It was such a litte moment. It was such a simple moment. It was such an amazing moment.

I'm actually welling up a bit as I type this. I am truly, truly thankful and grateful for this gift. Through the eyes of a child...... We all need to see the world this way a bit more. I'm going to do my best to tune in as much as I possibly can. The gift is powerful, but the gift is fleeting. In a blink they will be grown and I will have to be patient to wait for the next generation, if I am blessed enough to have that chance again.


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