Wednesday 18 March 2009

My, Dora! How you've changed!

Dora Dora Dora the Explorer..... She's all growed up! She's gone from this pudgy little, bob-cut, tomboyish character to, well... scroll down and see.

Apparently Nickelodeon is unveiling a new Dora this fall. This is not to replace the current (and apparently very voraciously loved) Dora the Explorer. There is quite the uproar in the "mommunity". I'm not going to cast any judgment until I see an episode or two of the "new" Dora. People are saying she's been sexualized, but she just looks like she's blossoming into a tween. (Although the silhouettes, especially the second one, look more like "too sexy too soon".) The character is supposed to be 10 - and I think that looks about right. We'll have to see what type of "role model" this new Dora is.


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