Monday 17 May 2010

Can 'Rock of Ages' take you high enough?

Friggin' right, it can!

This musical follows a small town girl and a city boy (from South Detroit, in case you were wondering) and it starts on a rocking high that lasts through the whole show - and way beyond! ... I was stir-frying last night & was rocking out to my own rendition of 'I Wanna Wok'. (Go ahead. Let that mental picture simmer for a minute. I'll wait.... You've got it in your head now, too, don't you?)

Rock of Ages has woven 80s rock songs and power ballads (oh, how I love the power ballads) into a story that keeps you singing and rocking and headbanging along - all the while laughing at their over-the-top characters, dialogue and antics. And really, what was NOT over-the-top about the 80s?! Aaron Walpole is amazing as Lonny, the story's narrator. I love a musical that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Yvan Pedneault delivers a fantastic performance as Drew (our city boy). You might have caught Yvan as Galileo in a little show called 'We Will Rock You'. Our small town girl, Sherrie, is wonderfully portrayed by Elicia MacKenzie. Again, last seen as Maria in a teeny show you might have heard of... 'The Sound of Music'. Peter Deiwick is hilarious as the skanky, glam rockin' Stacee Jaxx - think any lead singer of any 80s hair band. Sex, drugs and rock n' roll, right?

(Photo credit: Joan Marcus)

This musical is a perfect night out for you and your significant other. It's a great musical to take that guy that 'just isn't into musicals, baby'. Of course there are the songs to keep him entertained, but if that's not enough, there is plenty of eye-candy. In fish-nets. And bra-tops. And hooker boots. And man, are they limber! (Oh, how I want my late 80s body back!!.... *sigh* .... )

Wanna rock with a group of girls? Or guys, wanna take a group of guys out? This musical is perfect for friends - dudes or chicks or both ;) - to go as a group, too.

(Photos by Racheal McCaig)

Thank you so much to The Yummy Mummy Club and Mirvish Productions for including me as an ambassador for this show - got to see it for free! Which is completely awesome because I was trying to figure out how I was going to swing going to see this show. Now I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to swing seeing it again! I would love to pack everyone I ever partied with in high school on a bus and take them all to see 'Rock of Ages'. I will be seeing this one again - fer sure! I'm sure this musical will be around for a few years. Awesome.

Oh - and in case you're not convinced yet, check out the cast on Breakfast Television:
Part 1 here and Part 2 here. Ridiculously awesome. Go.
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