Friday 21 May 2010

A lesson in taking it personally - by Sarah Carmichael

I love @sarahcasm's blog. I read every post. I love them all. This one really said something I want to make sure my kids embrace. I asked Sarah if I could repost it here. She generously said yes.

She's also awesome in person. We've met a few times now, and she was my date for Mamma Mia.

If you want to check out her blog, here's the link. It's also in my blogroll to the side.

A Lesson in Taking it Personally

Dear Q,

Don’t take anything personally. When people call you names (and they will), ignore them. Remember that nothing people say to you or about you is ever actually about you. It is ALWAYS about them. Everything that people say is about them. Insults are reflections of insecurities. People will try to make themselves feel better by making you feel bad. Don’t fall for it and don’t give them power over your emotions or feelings of self-worth.

This goes for you, too. Remember that every insult you hurl at another person is rooted in your own insecurities; it is a reflection of who you are at that given moment. Check your self. Be conscious of what you say and why you are saying it. Is it kind? Is it just? Is it necessary?

Love always,

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