Thursday 27 May 2010

Now she's the creator of the entire universe

Alexandria was recounting the story to Daddy today of how she created the entire universe. In the beginning there was just a magical white, and then she was created. So it was only her and the magical white that existed. Everything was white. Then she ate all the white (as she's motioning with her arms, showing how she was gathering it all and consuming it.) Oh, and a little black - and she was the pink. Not sure how there was black there if all there was was white, but I didn't question when I heard the story. (She told it again at the dinner table.)

After she ate all the magical white (and a bit of black), she burped - yes burped - up the universe and everything in it. First all the suns and stars; then the planets and the moons; then Zachary was created. Zachary was created before any other beings. After Zachary came the dinosaurs; then Nana and Grandpa; Grandma and Grandpa; THEN Mommy; and Daddy came after Mommy. After that all humans were created from her big burp.

She also created time. She said she created the hours and the days and the minutes and years - and clocks.

And then she was telling fortunes. She told Zachary's and Daddy's. She had a mystic bucket of sand that she told fortunes with. "I will tell your fortune," as she grabbed some sand and tossed it like pixie dust. She continued to spatter the mystical sand every time she mentioned something in the fortune. (Unfortunately, Daddy can't remember his or Zachary's fortune.)

So much for the Big Bang Theory. We now have the Big Burp Theory. :)

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