Thursday 20 May 2010

Got dizzy watching all the helicopters at the park

It was such a gorgeous day today. Bea-u-ti-ful!! The kids and I thought a picnic in the park was in order. We packed up din-din, a blanket and some water and headed to the park. What a great time. Alex and I sat on the blanket and ate, while Zach kept running around (barefoot) on the grass, coming back to reload after he'd swallowed his latest mouthful.

We then headed to one of the playgrounds and all was well and good; parents watching their kids from the sidelines. Nice and relaxed. After that we sat and watched the swans for a while. The two swans were only mere feet from us. Pretty cool. Tail feathers waggling. Heads bobbing. The kids thought the bubbles were hilarious. (I'm pretty sure one of the swans burped.) Then on swan came up out of the water and walked right by us. I'm talking two feet away. The kids loved it - especially the thwap, thwap, thwap of the HUGE webbed feet these suckers have.

Next we wandered over to the 'tikes' playground. This one's intended for the wee ones. Probably up until about SK/Gr 1 age. What a difference in overall parenting styles here! These moms must have been first-time moms. Had to have been. As I sat there judging observing, I was getting dizzy! Holy helicopters, Batman!! They were seriously circling the equipment. Over. And over. And over. Making sure they weren't more than one foot from their precious spawn. They helped (perfectly capable) kids up the stairs. Ran over when they were about to use the slides. Lemme explain. The height of the structure was the height of your average toddler. We're not talking ten or twenty feet up, here. Lots of, "Ooo. Be careful!"s were uttered. Lots of directions given. A few, "Do you need help?"s were heard. Your little boo doesn't know if he needs help! You won't let him figure it out!!

One instance Zachary was playing under the "ladder" part and another boy came along - with Mommy in right behind (seriously, I'm surprised these kids didn't get stepped on.) Boy-that-is-not-my-breedling went to climb on the ladder. "Oh no, sweetie. There's a little boy there!" She directed him away from the ladder to another part of the structure. You know what? My kid's the idiot under the ladder. It's ok if he gets stepped on. Lesson learned. (OK. Lesson probably wouldn't be learned, but it would serve him right.)

Good gravy, people! This is exhausting. For you. FOR THEM!! (And for me.) How do you expect your child to learn how to navigate through life and solve their own dilemmas if you make every, single decision for them? I appreciate and understand whole-heartedly not wanting your child to get hurt, but come. on. If Little Miss misses a step?! She may skin her knee, but she'll be fine. And maybe learn to watch more closely next time.

Please. Take a step back. Turn the rotors off, sit - or stand, whatever - and RELAX!

And then I saw a guy wearing a camouflage top with plaid shorts....
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