Saturday 20 March 2010

24 Things Every* Child of the 80s Should Know

Lemme know if any of these stump you. Or add your own in the comments!

1)  You know how many sick days Ferris Bueller's day off brought his total to that semester.

2)  You know who was f#$%ing Tessa Campanelli.

3)  You know Smurfs living in mushrooms was questionable considering how tall they're supposed to be.

4)  You know what doesn't mean what he thinks it means.

5)  You know what Spike's real name was.

6)  You know who the lead singer of Twisted Sister is.

7)  You know the name of the Smurf's underwater rip-off cartoon.

8)  You know where you were when the Challenger exploded.

9)  You know which one you most identified with:  the brain, the athlete, the basket case, the princess or the criminal.

10)  You know his hands were not nestled between two pillows.

11)  You know who Cringer really was and you used the power of Greyskull.

12)  You know Goonies are good enough - and never die.

13)  You almost fainted when Gordie pulled a leech from... down.... there.

14)  You know Definition was an awesome game show before it was a hit song.

15)  You know why March was a very special month at McDonald's. Yum!

16)  You know Noheart was no match for the Care Bear Stare.

17)  You know Elizabeth was the brainy one who faithfully dated Todd, while Jessica was the wild one.

18)  You know ICONs had the biggest. trackball. ever.

19)  You know 1, 2 he's coming for you.... and couldn't sleep because of it.

20)  You know which one you had the crush on**:  Donnie, Danny, Jonathan, Joey or the ever-so-dreamy Jordan. (**or wanted to be.)

21)  You know you're good enough, smart enough and doggone it, people like you.

22)  You know odometers don't roll back when you put a car in reverse.

23)  You looked forward to Uncle Traveling Matt's adventures just as much as Gobo did.

24)  You know what happens when you hit 88 miles per hour....

(*some of these you may not know unless you lived in Canada - or were obsessed with Canada - or were dating a Canadian)
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