Saturday 6 March 2010

Right now...

Right now someone is crawling into bed after a 12 hour shift, just to have to wake up in 5 hours to do it all over again.

Right now an 8 year old is looking in the mirror and thinking she's too fat.

Right now a young man is speeding along the highway, thinking he's in full control of his car. In two minutes he will lose control, wrap his car around a tree and never walk again.

Right now someone is enjoying his hamburger, completely unaware he will be sick with food poisoning for the next 24 hours.

Right now a woman is scratching her third $10,000 space on a scratch lottery ticket.

Right now a woman is scratching what she thinks is her third $5,000 space on a scratch lottery ticket. She has a brief period of euphoria and then realizes that third one has an extra 0 and isn't a match.

Right now someone is being beaten simply because he's gay.

Right now a teenage girl is getting into the car with a couple of cute boys she just met. Nothing bad will happen, but she'll look back years from now and think of all the things that could have gone horribly wrong.

Right now a 25 year old man is learning he will be a father. He is looking at his wife in amazement and awe at the life growing inside her.

Right now a father is standing in a hospital wondering how the hell he is ever going to go home and tell his 6 year old girl her mommy is not coming home tonight. Or ever. All because a woman got in her car after having too much to drink.

Right now a 51 year old is being told he no longer has a job.

Right now a 13 year old girl is about to have sex for the first time with her "cool", older 20 year old boyfriend because she thinks he won't love her anymore if she doesn't.

Right now someone is contemplating suicide, fully believing his loved ones will be better off when he is gone.

Right now a teenager is trying to get pregnant so she will have someone to love her.

Right now a little boy is riding his bike without training wheels for the first time, thinking his daddy is still holding on.

Right now a teenage boy is partying the night away, unaware of the hell that will be unleased when he walks in the door at home in a couple hours. His dad found his stash.

Right now a little boy is wishing his mommy didn't drink.

Right now a new mom is wondering when she'll ever sleep again.

Right now two groups are fighting a war that has lasted for decades, both sure that God is on their side.

Right now someone is hearing 'cancer' come out of her doctor's mouth and has gone completely numb.

Right now two parents are watching their not-yet 2 year old slip further and further away and wondering how many days? hours? she has left in her short, precious life.

Right now a father is holding his arms out as his baby boy takes his first ever steps. Both so fabulously proud of the accomplishment.

Right now a mom has just cut her baby's fingernail a little to close to the skin, drawing blood. She feels horrible and will bite those little fingernails from now on, never picking up those clippers again.

Right now a couple are looking deeply into each other's eyes and saying 'I do', knowing they will never cheat on each other.

Right now a woman is lying in bed with someone other than her husband, wondering how she ever got this dissatisfied with her marriage.

Right now a man is walking away, knowing if he stays he will destroy his family forever.

Right now a girl is experiencing her first kiss. Bliss.

Right now a woman is on a plane, on her way to a whole new life. She's never been so scared or excited.

Right now a little boy is crying, wondering what he did to cause his parents' divorce.

Right now someone is seeing snow for the first time.

Right now a man is watching his house burn to the ground. As horrible and unbelievable as it is to see, he is thankful to be holding his family in his arms. Everything else is just 'stuff'.

Right now a blogger is tapping away at her keyboard, listening to her beautiful little boy breathe through the monitor behind her, knowing her amazing daughter is tucked safely and soundly in her bed upstairs. That same blogger is eternally grateful for all the blessings in her life.
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