Thursday 11 March 2010

My awesome date with Zachary

This past Tuesday Zachary and I had a mommy-son day and it was fantastic. Unfortunately I didn't remember to bring my camera that day, but here are some cute pics of him when we were at the museum a different time. And just some cute pics in general.

We started the day out by taking the bus downtown. It was out of necessity since my car was shimmying something fierce and the front passenger tire was dangerously close to blowing at any point. It has since been fixed.

I knew the bus would be a hit, though. He LOVED it! We sat right at the back and he watched out the window the whole time. "Mommy! We just went over train tracks!" Awesome :)

We walked a couple blocks to the Waterloo Regional Children's Museum. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. Zach walked in through the kids' doors, which he thought was so cool.

We went and hung up our coats and then headed toward the admissions counter. This my absolute favourite moment of the day: Zach was running full tilt toward the counter when he stopped, turned around, ran back at me full tilt JUST TO GIVE ME A SPONTANEOUS HIGH FIVE before turning back around and finishing his sprint to the counter. He was just so happy and so excited he was about to burst. I. just. melted.

He got choose where we went, what we played with, when we had snack. He was in his glory. We played at the Germs, Germs, Germs exhibit.

Went to the water table (always a favourite.)

Had a snack. Played downstairs for a bit. Then we went for a walk downtown for a while. Did I mention it was gorgeous outside?! We even took our coats off. We had a little bite at McDonald's downtown before heading back to the bus terminal to come home. About halfway home I told him he could lay his head down on my lap. I swear he was asleep before his head hit my leg! Bliss. I just want to freeze that whole day and replay it again and again. It was perfect.
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