Tuesday 30 March 2010

Shut Up and Eat - Day 2 - Ham & Cheese Cakes

In my previous post I talked about @KathyBuckworth's very funny, easily digestible, newest book "Shut Up and Eat".

The first night I made an easy dessert that made Mommy look like a hero. Pudding in a fancy cup topped with an Oreo. Who knew?

Last night I used the Fish Cakes recipe and subbed in ham and cheese. It's simply mashed potatoes, an egg, ham, cheese mushed into patties and coated with bread crumbs. Fry 'em up and..... yummy dinner.

I ate... um... a bunch of the cakes. The kids got to use their knives and forks to cut them up (they loved having an opportunity to use knives!) and dove in, too.

I think I put in a bit too much ham, but... Yay! Another hit.

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