Friday 2 April 2010

The day has arrived

Today was the day. The day that looms every spring. The day I look upon with fear and anticipation. It happens every year. Once a year it comes. And today was that day.

I pulled out the clear, plastic storage container from under the bed. Got out a pair of capris that had been hibernating for months. And not just "a pair" but my favourite capris. The really comfy grey ones.

And now... the moment of truth. One leg. So far so good. The other leg. Still looking good. Pull up... around the waist... Ok... Now, here we are folks. It's that moment. This is it. The one moment that will make me feel like spring is here and I can do anything. The moment that puts that spring in my step and that smile on my face. Or... it's the moment that will start me on a spiral of crappy self-body image and self-doubt. The moment that will be hard to get past.

And.... THE CAPRIS DO UP. PERFECTLY! No struggling with the zipper or button. They fit perfectly fine and they are even comfortable. YAY! Bring it on, Spring. Glad you're here.
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