Wednesday 21 April 2010

A good day so far

So last night we filled Zachary's room with balloons while he was sleeping. I snapped this picture after we put them in there. A little risky since the dude was sound asleep, but I wanted to make sure I got a picture of them all over his floor. You can't see all the balloons in the shot. There were about 45 in there.

He slept right through last night. (Yay!) The last couple nights he's ended up in our bed around 4am or so, so I was a bit worried the balloon thing might fall flat. But nope. He slept until 7am. I heard him as he was waking. He was shuffling around in his crib and was talking softly to himself.

Then I heard him say (to himself) "What's this?"
And then louder, "Mommy! What's this?!"
I replied, "What, Sweetie?"
Z: "Mommy! There are balloons in my room!!"
Me: "Balloons?"
Z: "YES!! All over my floor!!!"
Me: "Well, what day is it today?"
Z: "It's MY BIRTHDAY!!!"

I went in to let him out of his crib and he was just beaming. Bouncing up and down, so excited. I let him out to run free with the balloons. It didn't take long for Alexandria to wake up and join in the excitement. The best part? These balloons kept them occupied for over an hour while Daddy and I got to stay in bed. Happy birthday to us!

We ended off balloon-fest by stuffing all the balloons into Zachary's crib. The pure joy and bliss a simple thing like balloons can bring is amazing.

Then came the birthday waffles and muffin. The cake will come on Sunday when we have his party.

We capped off "Birthday Morning" with a series of clues and riddles for Alex and Zach to find throughout the house. I'll get that video edited and up soon.

Here are the clues:

1)  Rub a dub dub; There's a clue in the ______!

2)  I know your favourite colour is green; Now go to the castle to find a queen.

3)  Where does Mommy doze and sleep? There's a clue hiding there with a sheep.

4)  There's a place Alex lays her sleepy head; You'll find a present in her ______.

5)  Where do we get the muffin mixin'? There's a present for you in the kitchen!

6)  The biggest present you still need to find; It's under the place where we change your behind.
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