Wednesday 7 April 2010

Shut Up and Eat - Day 5 - Chocolate Pie

I totally plan to get to the salsa roast and meatloaf very soon, but I took the (really) easy way out today and made another super-easy dessert. Well, one that should be super-easy. Unless you're me.

This recipe is simply a pre-fab graham pie crust, chocolate mousse, marshmallows (or chocolate chips) and freeze. Simple, right? Unless you're me.

I went to the store today and got the graham pie crust and some chocolate chips. I was planning to get chocolate mousse, but I couldn't find any. A tiny snag. Not a big deal. I got chocolate pudding instead. I didn't get any marshmallows because we had some at home. Ok. I thought we had some at home.

So, I get home. Get the pie crust, get the instant pudding mix and the Cool Whip to mix it with. (Look at me being all creative in lieu of mousse.) Me and the boy mix the pudding and Cool Whip. Then, I go to get the marshmallows. You know, the little wee multi-coloured ones? The ones I thought we had? Well, we don't have them. They were apparently eaten. A bigger snag. But, me being a domestic diva who can think on her feet.... Ok. Stop laughing. I'll wait. You done? Anyway, we had the big marshmallows, so I got a few of those and cut them up into eighths to make teeny marshmallows for the pie. Me and the boy folded those into the pseudo-mousse mix, sprinkled a few chocolate chips on top and stuck the pie into the freezer. Voila. Easy peasy dessert.
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