Thursday 15 July 2010

Here we go! Potty training: the sequel... Day One

Cary (by getting Aidan in underwear) has inspired me to bite the bullet and not wait for Zach to come up to me and say, "Mommy. I'm ready to potty train."

I brought special yummy gummy bears back from Springridge Farm. Zach found them this morning and asked what they were. I told him they were special "peeing and pooping" gummies. (This is my life, people.) I explained every time he peed in the toilet he would get one special gummy and every time he pooped he would get two special gummies.

He excitedly went into the bathroom and peed in the toilet. Yay for bribery! We then went into his room to get him dressed for the day and I asked if he wanted to wear underwear now. "Yes!" We are now officially "doing" the potty training thing. Underwear only during the day. Diapers only at night.

Today's tally?

4 pees in the toilet!
0 pees in the underwear!!!!!
0 poops in the toilet....


1 poop in the underwear...

Oh well. That's pretty good for day one. However, as I recall with 'Potty training: the original", it's going to go downhill...

Buckle up baby, we're in for a bumpy ride!
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