Monday 19 July 2010

Potty training: the sequel... Day Four

Ok.. I've lost count of how many times the dude goes in the toilet. (We don't use the potty unless it's an absolute emergency.) He's really milking this gummy treat thing. It's kinda cute actually. I told him no snack right now, so he responds, "I have to pee!" Goes pee. Gets a gummy. Ten minutes later? "I have to pee!" Goes pee. Gets a gummy. :)

He had two or three little accidents yesterday. One on the carpet...

We told him to try and go poop on the potty today. We plunked it in front of the tv and told him just to sit and relax and try. He sat. And sat. And sat. Then came up to me, starting to cry and said, "I can't poop, Mommy. I just can't poop." It's ok little dude.

So, as far as the count goes? I have no idea.... Better though.. (except for the carpet...)
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