Saturday 17 July 2010

Potty training: the sequel... Day Three

We're starting to run out of clean underwear. The dude only has six pair, so when you're going through three in a day, they go pretty fast...

He did really well at the beginning of the day. We suited up for soccer and all went out. I was a bit worried about soccer... Being out of the house for a couple hours... No accidents, though. Yay!

We got home and I headed out to the SuperStore to try and get some Joe undies for him, since the ones we have are pretty big on him. No luck. I'll try Zellers maybe tomorrow. Or Old Navy. While I was out hunting for underwear, he apparently peed on the floor, at least part of it. He then went to the bathroom. Not bad...

Jean-Paul then went to work. Zach had another floor incident. We were down to one pair of clean undies left. The others were soiled or in the laundry. And we still had plans to go out to dinner with Grandma, Grandpa and Jeremy to celebrate Grandma's 60th birthday. So, I just put a shirt on him and let him run around bottomless. This went fine for a bit. He went on the toilet (a lot.. he's milking this 'gummy for peeing' thing). Then I left the room to sweep up and he came to me, Kleenex in hand. I noticed there was something wrapped up in the Kleenex.... So, on the upside, he didn't poop in his underwear (for the third day in a row). The downside? He wasn't wearing underwear. Another upside? We have laminate. And he was standing on it at the time. Yay!

We took the turd to its final resting place. I cleaned him up. Took of the shirt - which he managed to nail with the poop. I set him free, completely naked this time. When Grandma, Grandpa and Jeremy arrived he was naked as a jay bird. (Where did that saying come from, anyway?!) He told he had pooped on the floor.

I got the boy dressed. We gave Grandma her book (a whole other post for that). Looked at said book for a bit then headed out to Boston Pizza for dinner. While we were there he used the facilities twice. He insisted on Grandpa taking him to the boys bathroom. :)

When we got home Zach used the bathroom again. A few minutes later he peed on the floor again... *sigh*

I put him in his "nighttime diaper", which he proceeded to soil...

Two steps forward, one step back....

9 (at least I think... lost count) pees in the toilet
3 pees on the floor (two while wearing underwear)
0 poops in the toilet
1 poop on the floor
1 poop in the diaper
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