Friday 16 July 2010

Potty training: the sequel... Day Two

Day two and we're not backing down!

Zach woke up today and had his morning pee and changed into underwear. I headed off to Twitterlicious (or Twitter for Business if you're writing it off for work and you need an easier name to justify to your boss) for the morning. When I got home I saw a pair of underwear drying on the side of the tub. D'oh! There was one pee accident in the morning and it was about 10 minutes after he'd just gone, so Jean-Paul thought all was well. Nope. Zach's a wily one. He'll lull you into a state of relaxation and you let your guard down. Bam!

Then in the afternoon, Jean-Paul headed out to do a bit of work and chat with his bossman. Zach's normal time of day for, um, the dirtier side of things is in the afternoon....

The kids were playing across the street when I saw Zach waddling his way back home, a little heavy in the back end. Great. Here we go again. I stripped him, dumped the doo in the toilet, rinsed the underwear and hung it over the side of the bathtub alongside the undies from earlier. Told Zach it was ok and we'd aim to cut to the middle man and get it right in the toilet tomorrow. I stood him up on his change table, spread eagle against the wall as if he was being strip-searched, and wiped the boy down. Put new underwear on (because we are NOT going back to diapers during the day!) and sent him back to play.

So, day two?

6 pees in the toilet (yay!)
1 pee in the underwear
0 poops in the toilet
1 poop in the underwear

Oh, and of the 10 pees in the toilet over the last couple days, Zach has initiated about 4 of them. Not bad!
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