Tuesday 24 July 2007

A Day Out With Thomas.. and Grandma and Grandpa

Yes. The big day for Alexandria on Sunday was to go see Thomas the Tank Engine (or Thomas the Train, as we call him). We kept it a surprise and when she saw the big train for the first time she said in a very excited little voice "It IS Thomas!!" Here are a few pictures from our big day.
Also, here are a couple links so you can see the train ride, if you wish. The videos are not very exciting. Pretty much just Alexandria looking out the window during the train ride.


CivilWar Fangirl said...

Next time you're in Goderich, you'll have to take Alex back to Fincher's (that's right...a plug for the family business ;))to play the Thomas set that is in the lower level. I think your mum took her there to see it once before and she enjoyed it.

Hope you don't mind all the comments, Jacki!

JackiYo said...

Not at all. It's nice to know the blog's being read!

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